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a lustrous lightweight plain-weave fabric, originally woven in silk.

a fabric which has undergone a special finishing technique to give it a texture resembling fluffy kernels of popcorn.
Last referenced in: Talking strategy: manufacturing apparel in China (Global Apparel Markets Issue 10)

a plain-weave cotton-type fabric with weftways ribs and a high warp sett.
Last referenced in: World textile and apparel trade and production trends: China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, September 2013 (Textile Outlook International Issue 164)

Powered exoskeleton:
a powered mobile machine which consists primarily of a skeleton-like framework worn by a person together with a power supply which supplies at least part of the activation energy required for limb movement.

see partially oriented yarn.
Last referenced in: Costs of Spinning, Texturing, Weaving and Knitting Production in Nine Countries (Textile Outlook International Issue 161)

Last referenced in: Profile of Borgers: Germany's Leading Supplier of Technical Textiles to the Automotive Industry (Technical Textile Markets Issue 87)

polyphenylene sulphide.
Last referenced in: A strong future for carbon, glass, synthetic and natural fibre textiles in composites (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

raw materials used in a controlled pyrolysis process to make carbon fibres.
Last referenced in: Global technical textiles business update, 1st quarter 2014 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

an object which has been subjected to preliminary, usually incomplete shaping or moulding before undergoing complete or final processing.
Last referenced in: Editorial: innovations in composites for technical textiles (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

a polymer of relatively low molecular weight—usually intermediate between that of the monomer and the final polymer or resin—which may be mixed with compounding additives and which is capable of being hardened by further polymerisation during or after a f
Last referenced in: Fast track: what China can learn from the Lycra story (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 30)

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