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Dope dyeing:
a method of colouring man-made fibres by incorporating a dye or colorant in the spinning solution or polymer melt before extrusion into filaments.
Last referenced in: Profile of Jersey Lomellina: a global leader in circular knitted stretch fabrics (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 38)

see mass coloration.

a fabric made of irregular, raw, rough silk reeled from double cocoons, or a man-made fibre substitute designed to imitate the silk equivalent.

the brand name for a special liquid with a high boiling point. Godets and heaters heated by Dowtherm vapour can be maintained at constant temperatures.

see decitex per filament.

a process which reduces the linear density of an assembly of fibres. Drafting typically occurs in the early stages of producing yarns from staple fibres.
Last referenced in: Innovations in fibres, textiles, apparel and machinery, November-December 2003 (Textile Outlook International Issue 108)

Drainage (geotextiles):
the ability of a geotextile to collect and transport fluids. Liquids or gases are transmitted within the plane of the geotextile and this involves flow across the geotextile. For example, geotextiles are used to capture and transmit gases (eg methane) beneath the geomembrane in a landfill capping system.
Last referenced in: Markets for geosynthetic products and profiles of five leading manufacturers (Technical Textile Markets Issue 92)

a cover sheet.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European yarn fairs for spring/summer 2015 (Textile Outlook International Issue 168)

Draw ratio:
In a drawing process, the ratio of the linear density of the undrawn yarn to that of the drawn yarn.

Draw spinning:
a process for spinning partially or highly oriented filaments in which the orientation is introduced after melt spinning but prior to the first forwarding or collecting device.

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