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high molecular weight polyethylene.
Last referenced in: Technical textile markets: product developments and innovations, 2nd quarter 2012 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 89)

Hollow fibres:
melt-spun fibres extruded through special spinnerets to produce fibres with one or more holes down their length. Such fibres are good insulators and give warmth without adding weight.

Hollow spindle spinning:
a system of yarn formation, also known as wrap spinning, in which the feed stock (sliver or roving) is drafted, and the drafted twistless strand is wrapped with a yarn as it passes through a rotating hollow spindle. The binder or wrapping yarn is mounted on the hollow spindle and is unwound and wrapped around the core by rotation of the spindle. The technique may be used for producing a range of wrap?spun yarns, or fancy yarns, by using feeding different yarn and fibre feedstocks to the hollow spindle at different speeds.
Last referenced in: World Markets for Textile Machinery: Part 4--Dyeing and Finishing (Textile Outlook International Issue 143)

a fabric structure in which the warp and weft threads form ridges and hollows, so as to give a cellular appearance.
Last referenced in: Waterproof breathable fabrics: demand for comfort is driving innovation (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 46)

Honeycomb core:
strips of paper, plastic, metal, etc, joined together to form a honeycomb pattern. Used as a lightweight core in sandwich mouldings.
Last referenced in: Profile of Borgers: Germany's Leading Supplier of Technical Textiles to the Automotive Industry (Technical Textile Markets Issue 87)

a modification of a plain weave in which two or more ends or picks weave as one.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European Fabric Fairs for Autumn/Winter 2011/12 (Textile Outlook International Issue 148)

Horizontal lapping:
a process in which layers of web are laid horizontally, one on top of another, to form a multilayer structure (see also vertical lapping).

a fabric installed during the construction of a building between its inner structure and outer facing. House-wrap is air permeable but not water permeable.
Last referenced in: The world nonwovens industry: the leading ten producers, part 1 of 3, 2013-14 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 94)

high performance polyethylene.
Last referenced in: Fibres for Technical Textiles: Para-Aramids and High Performance Polyethylene (Technical Textile Markets Issue 60)

high tenacity.
Last referenced in: Apparel business update, 3rd quarter 2008 (Global Apparel Markets Issue 3)

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