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Glass transition temperature (Tg):
the temperature at which the polymer changes from a glass to a rubbery state.

glass mat thermoplastic, a thermoplastic prepreg, offering better mechanical properties than injection-moulded reinforced thermoplastics, thanks to the higher residual length of the glass strands. GMT is widely used in automotive applications such as under-body shields, seat structures and front ends. GMT is obtained by consolidating a glass strand mat with a sheet of polypropylene. The glass mat is obtained by chopping assembled rovings and then needling the strands together. The intermediate product is delivered in the form of rigid sheets and subsequently moulded by the end user.

a driven roller on a textile machine around which a yarn is passed in order to regulate its speed during the extrusion and further processing of certain man-made fibres. The roller may be heated in order to heat the yarn which passes around it.
Last referenced in: Global technical textiles business update, 1st quarter 2011 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 84)

Gpd (g/denier):
a unit of force divided by the weight per unit length of a fibre, yarn or rope.

Grab tensile strength:
the strength at a specific width of fabric together with the additional strength contributed by adjacent areas.

a process of adjusting the size of each pattern piece to fit different body sizes.
Last referenced in: Talking strategy: Deepa Hingorani of Karl Lagerfeld discusses production and sourcing strategies for accessible luxury brands (Global Apparel Markets Issue 24)

a two-ply yarn composed of single yarns of different colours or contrasting lustre.

the process of forming new tissues.

a term used to describe textile products prior to bleaching, dyeing or finishing. Some greige textiles may, however, contain dyed or finished yarns.
Last referenced in: Technical textile markets: product developments and innovations, 1st quarter 2014 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

Greige cloth:
see grey cloth.

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