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a trading centre or port at a geographically convenient location where goods are imported and re-exported without directly entering the local economy. According to the strict definition, oods are imported into and re-exported from an entrepôt without incurring liability for duties.

Last referenced in: Prospects for the Textile and Garment Industry in Hong Kong (Textile Outlook International Issue 138)

Enzyme washing:
a bio?scouring process which is used as an alternative to caustic washing to remove non?cellulosic impurities from cotton. Bio?scouring involves treating the cotton with a mixture of enzymes, often cellulase and pectinase. The bio?scouring process yields a cotton substrate which possesses an intact cellulose structure with relatively low loss of weight and loss of strength.

Epidermal barrier:
a barrier of the outer layer of skin.

Epithelial tissue:
a newly formed tissue.

Epoxy resin:
a polymeric resin derived from the reaction of epoxide groups.
Last referenced in: Editorial: innovations in composites for technical textiles (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

a fine wool crêpe.

Exhaust treatment:
a batchwise treatment in which a substance (such as a finish) is selectively adsorbed by a textile material immersed in the treatment liquor.

see exhaust treatment.
Last referenced in: Global apparel markets: product developments and innovations, 3rd quarter 2012 (Global Apparel Markets Issue 19)

viscous fluid containing dead cells, blood and other protein substances.