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a steel wire or strip with an eye in the centre, or a similar device through which a warp yarn is threaded. The heald enables the yarn to be raised or lowered during weaving to create a shed.

Heald shaft:
a frame in which a large number of healds are mounted. Typically a loom contains two or more heald shafts, depending upon the complexity of the weave pattern required. The heald shaft is raised or lowered by means of cams or a dobby mechanism to form a shed and to create different weave patterns.

another word for heald.

a light-coloured, strong bast fibre obtained from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa.
Last referenced in: Prospects for the textile and clothing industry in China (Textile Outlook International Issue 168)

high efficiency particulate air (filtration).

a broken twill weave giving a zigzag or herringbone effect.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European Fabric Fairs for Autumn/Winter 2014/15 (Textile Outlook International Issue 166)

a filament made up of more than one polymer.

High loft:
textiles which are three dimensional, being thick but very light. The term is also applied to the fillings used in outdoor clothing to denote those which retain a large volume of still air.
Last referenced in: The world nonwovens industry: ten smaller producers, part 3 of 3, 2013-14 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

Highly oriented yarn (HOY):
see fully drawn yarn.

high modulus polyethylene.
Last referenced in: Technical textile markets: product developments and innovations, 2nd quarter 2012 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 89)

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