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a 3/1 warp-faced twill fabric made from a yarn-dyed warp and an undyed weft yarn. Traditionally, the warp yarn was indigo-dyed.
Last referenced in: Product Developments and Innovations in Textiles and Apparel (Textile Outlook International Issue 164)

Denim bleaching:
a finishing process which uses sodium hypochlorite to discolour denim fabric. It is used when the colour of the indigo needs to be lightened and also to clean up the pocket lining and the weft, which is visible on the inner face of the jeans.

the space between adjacent wires in a reed.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European Fabric Fairs for Autumn/Winter 2009/10 (Textile Outlook International Issue 137)

a unit of measure which denotes the number of reed wires and spaces between adjacent wires in one inch.

a substance, such as calcium oxide or silica gel, which has a high affinity for water and is used as a drying agent.

the production of a pattern on a fabric by printing it with a substance that destroys one or more of the fibre types present.

Differential dyeing:
a process in which a coloration treatment is applied to a textile containing fibres with different dyeing properties. Usually, the term refers to a combination of fibres of the same generic class in which some of the fibres have been modified to change their affinity for dye so that they dye more deeply or less deeply than standard fibres. However, differential dyeing can also occur when blends of different generic fibres types, such as cotton and polyester, are used.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European yarn fairs for autumn/winter 2014/15 (Textile Outlook International Issue 165)

Dimethyl terephthalate:
see DMT.
Last referenced in: Performance apparel markets: business update, 3rd quarter 2012 (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 42)

a high tenacity polyester filament yarn produced by Acordis.
Last referenced in: Product developments and innovations in the home textiles market, June 2013 (Textile Outlook International Issue 162)

Dip dyeing:
a process in which a garment is dipped into a dye bath to achieve dye take-up only in those areas immersed.

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